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rom full form

ROM Full Form

The Full Form of ROM is Read Only Memory. ROM is used to store data permanently. It is non-volatile, it's mean when computer is currently turned off, the data in the ROM are not lost. The data stored in the ROM can only be read but new data and instruction cannot be written into it. That is the reason why it is called Read Only Memory. It is also known as Hard Drive. ROM is an internal memory. Most frequently used data like videos, audios, images and files stored on ROM. When the computer is switched on, instructions in the ROM are automatically activated. These instructions help the booting process of computer.

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Types of ROM

There are two types of RAM

  • PROM: PROM stands for Programmable Read Only Memory.
  • EPROM: EPROM stands for Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.
  • EEPROM: Electrical Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.

Other ROM Full Form

Many people used some other full form of ROM, some of are in the below but it depends on situation or topic.

  • ROM - Read-Only Memory
  • ROM - Rough Order of Magnitude
  • ROM - Rupture of membranes
  • ROM - Register Of Merit
  • ROM - Right Or Maybe
  • ROM - Registry Of Marriages
  • ROM - Read Only Meaning
  • ROM - Really Odd Man
  • ROM - Recent On Machine

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