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ram full form

RAM Full Form

The Full Form of RAM is Random Access Memory. RAM is a volatile memory, it's mean when computer is currently switched off, the data in the RAM will be lost. RAM is a temporary storage memory. It is also known as the main memory. It is very fast memory. Your computer speed will increase with the increase in the capacity of your RAM. It's mean the more RAM the computer has, the faster it will work.

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Types of RAM

There are two types of RAM

  • SRAM: SRAM stands for Static Random Access Memory. It is used in most of the computers. It utilizes more power. And it is slow as compared to SRAM.

  • DRAM: DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory. It is faster and expensive than DRAM because it doesn't have to wait for access of data from SRAM. It utilize less power. In modern computers, SRAM technology is used to build very fast memory is known as Cache Memory.

Other RAM Full Form

Here are some other full form of RAM used by people but depend on situation.

  • RAM - Random Access Machine
  • RAM - Real Audio Media
  • RAM - Real Audio Movie
  • RAM - Republican Attack Machine
  • RAM - Relationship Asset Management
  • RAM - Removing A Mistake
  • RAM - Read Alternate Memory
  • RAM - Royal Air Maroc
  • RAM - Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability

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