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nri full form

NRI Full Form:

The Full Form of NRI is Non-Resident Indian. NRI is an Indian citizen who born in India but migrated to other countries for the purpose of employment, residence, education etc. A person who stays away from his country (India) for more than 182 days is termed as Non-Resident Indian. NRI holds Indian password and obtain Indian citizenship, no doubt he has migrated to other countries.

According to Wikipedia after China, India has become the Second Largest NRI in the World. There are 3 major categories of NRI's:

  • Indian citizens who stay abroad for education, employment, business etc.
  • Indian citizen Working for foreign Government agencies like IMF, UNO, World bank etc.
  • Indian citizen Working for Central or State Government.

Other NRI Full Forms:

Here are some full form of nri used by different people in different situations.

  • NRI - Nationwide Rivers Inventory
  • NRI - Nations Rent Inc
  • NRI - Nerve Root Irritation
  • NRI - Non Registered Indian
  • NRI - National Rural Independents
  • NRI - National Robotics Initiative
  • NRI - Non-Recurring Investment
  • NRI - Not Required Indian
  • NRI - Not Really Indian

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