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lcd full form

LCD Full Form

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is a flat panel or video display that uses the light modulating property of liquid crystals. LCD is an electronic device that is used to display images, videos, animations, etc. It is mostly used as a computer monitor and Television that set in the household. LCD consumes much less power than LED because they work on the principle of blocking light rather than emitting it. On the other side, LED emits light, the liquid crystals in an LCD produces an image using a backlight.

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LCD has a liquid crystal between the glass plates. The output image is formed by liquid crystal. When an electric current passes through liquid crystal, its molecules twist. This twisting causes some light waves to be blocked while the other is passed through and creating image on the screen.

Other LCD Full Form

There are also some other full form of LCD used by different people in different situations some of in the below.

  • LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
  • LCD - Lowest Common Denominator
  • LCD - Least Common Denominator
  • LCD - Local Change Directory/li>
  • LCD - Low-Cost Display
  • LCD - Local Current Directory
  • LCD - Lead Contaminated Dust
  • LCD - Loan Closing Date
  • LCD - Last Cup Distance
  • LCD - Liquefied Cat Droppings
  • LCD - Light Crystal Display

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