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dvd full form

DVD Full Form

The Full Form of DVD is Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc. DVD is commonly known as Digital Video Disk but its official full form is Digital VersatileDisc. It is a digital optical disc storage format that is invented and used to store the high capacity data like high-quality videos and movies. It is invented and developed in 1995 by 4 companies Philips, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic and released in late 1996. DVD offers high storage capacity as compared to CD and can be played in multiple types of DVD players. That is the reason DVD is better than CD.

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DVD Physical Measurement

A DVD comes in only two dimensions

  • 12 cm (120 mm) It is the most common size used for storing software, movies, operating system, etc.
  • 8 cm (80 mm) This size of DVD generally used for small devices like portable music player, video camera, etc.

DVD Interesting Facts

  • Large Storage Capacity from 4.7 GB to 9.4 GB of data.
  • Excellent sound and high-quality picture.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Information can be stored on both sides of DVD, unlike CD.
Other DVD Full Form

Here are some other full form of DVD used by people but it depends on situation.

  • DVD - Digital Versatile Disk
  • DVD - Digital Video Disc
  • DVD - Dual View Display
  • DVD - Death Valley Days
  • DVD - Direct Vendor Delivery
  • DVD - Drugs and Vice Division
  • DVD - Dumb Video Ducks
  • DVD - Double Volume Disk
  • DVD - Dumb Vs Dumber

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