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ARMY Full Form

The Full Form of ARMY is Alert Regular Mobility Young. It is a fighting force that fights primarily on land and also known as ground force or land force. They are always willing to sacrifice their lives for the freedom and honor of their country and work hard for the progress and prosperity of the country. ARMY is the poverty of our country because of them we are permanent. In their hearts and minds, the ghost of the guardian of the country is always riding. They are the keepers of country. Because of them we sleep in peace. They maintain law, fight for peace, protect country from enemies and sacrifice their lives for the country.

The Strength of INDIAN ARMY is 2.1 Million and INDIAN ARMY is the World Second Largest ARMY.

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Other ARMY Full Forms

There are various full form of army some of in the below.

  • ARMY - Adorable Representative Mc for Youth
  • ARMY - Ain't Ready for the Marines Yet
  • ARMY - The Airforce Rejected Me Yesterday
  • ARMY - A Recruiter Misinformed You
  • ARMY - Adult Role Models for Youth
  • ARMY - Always Reply Me Yes

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